Request from an art student looking for help with a theme for a project that deals with self-harm

Hello, my name is Angela Bev,
I am currently studying year 12 Studio Art, and my theme is ‘Hope for Self-injury’. It is an issue very close to my heart as many I care about suffer from stress and depression, which practice self-harm in order to cope with the strong and painful feelings they experience. These people mean the world to me and I admire them all, and as I get older I have become more aware of this struggle that faces many. That’s why I chose ‘Hope for Self- injury’ as my theme, to help create awareness,  so people understand what it is like for these people to self-injure and know that it is used as a coping mechanism, and overall that these extremely strong and amazing people deserve respect and support.
For some of my artwork I want to use images of self-harm scars and I was hoping that if anyone here feels like it is safe for them to share a part of their lives with me and believe that what I am doing is right, I ask if it is okay to send an image of your battle scars to me to use in my art. I would deeply appreciate this help, but I want to stress that this is to people who feel fully comfortable with this and feel that it will only do themselves good and no harm.
I just want to also say that you are all AMAZING and beautiful people, and yes the world is hard, but brother or sister, you are strong and you can do it.
If you are interested, please email me at:
With Love and hope, Angela Bev.”

And so it goes

Open book
Open book

So as many as my endearing loyal followers know I’ve been in the process for the last several months of working on having my book edited and published. This has been a huge dream of mine for years, and I was really quite excited to having this project on its way to becoming a fulfilled dream.

However many plans in life don’t go according to plan, or how we hope they will turn out. After several months of feeling stone walled and with little knowledge of what was actually going on with the editing and publishing process, the publishing house and I have decided to part ways.
Sigh. Major sigh, you guys. I’ve had many of you email and comment asking about my book, and in part I feel as if I’m letting you all down. I’ve wanted for so long for this and was so excited to see it start becoming reality; and I shared that joy and happiness with you. So now it’s time to share the sadness of realizing it isn’t going to happen with this publishing company, it’s back to the drawing board for me and my book.
And with this news, I’m going to be taking a little time off from my blog. It’s knocked the wind out of my sails a little bit, to be honest. I want to regroup and find my focus again.
Thanks for all your support and for following my little blog! And I’ll be back, after my short hiatus! :)

How Bad Do You Want to Be Accepted?

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Accept Me

The Blue – Accept Me Glasses

Do you wear accept me glasses?

When you wear accept me glasses, you see the world through someone else’s eyes. You might feel judgment or disapproval. You would do anything just to fit in.
You probably feel an intense need to be accepted. The need to feel accepted can show up in many ways.
Do any of these feel familiar?

• Do you always feel like you need to fit in?
• Have you ever changed your looks, personality or actions so people will like you?
• Do you feel the need to please people so that everyone is happy with you?
• Do you feel like you always have to get perfect grades or win first place so your parents or friends will think you are good enough?
• Do you ever feel like you aren’t good enough?

If you answered yes to…

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Who I Am ~ Blanca

Another voice, another choice
To listen to words somebody said
Another day
I replay
One too many doubts inside my head

Am I strong
Am I good enough
Do I belong
After all
That I’ve said and done
Is it real
When I feel
I don’t measure up
Am I loved

I’m running to the One who knows me
Who made every part of me in His hands
I’m holding to the One who holds me
‘Cause I know whose I am, I know who I am

I am sure I am Yours

Turning down
Tuning out
Every single word
That caused me pain
And unafraid
‘Cause I believe You mean it when You say

I am strong
I am good enough
I belong
After all
‘Cause of what You’ve done
This is real
What I feel
No one made it up
I am loved


I am sure I am Yours
I know who I am
I am sure I am Yours

You have made me

I’m running to the One who knows me
I’m holding to the One who holds me


I am sure I am Yours
And I know who I am

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Writer(s): Blanca Callahan / Seth Mosley / Mia Fieldes